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SEO Masterclass Webinar with Alphagreen

Maximise your traffic with SEO

7th April 3pm - 4pm



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Viktor Khliupko

CTO & Co-Founder, Alphagreen Group

Viktor spent 10 years as a CTO and CEO of several e-commerce companies before joining Alphagreen Group as CTO driving organic traffic through the roof and replicating his handbook from the previous success stories.   


As a serial entrepreneur he achieved 50k monthly visitors at Firebear Studio without any paid marketing. As CTO of Sugatrends he directed strategy and amassed 90k monthly visitors. He is one of the top Magneto 2 (Adobe) developers globally with world-class SEO knowledge and complete understanding of other e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Woocomerce, Shopware and others. 


Viktor holds a Masters from Donetsk State Institute of Artificial Intelligence in Computer Science and AI.

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Alexej Pikovsky

CEO & Co-Founder, Alphagreen Group

Alexej is the CEO of Alphagreen and oversees company strategy and direction. 


Prior to Alphagreen, Alexej has been working as an investor for a large-cap private equity fund and a family office where he ran the venture capital operations. He gained operational and board-level experience working closely with Compo Expert, the largest European specialty fertiliser business, as well as leading their trade sale. Alexej started his career in M&A at Nomura.


Alexej holds a Masters from Imperial College London and is a Fellow of the German National Academic Foundation.

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7th April 3pm - 4pm

 What SEO is and why is it important to your revenue figure

How Alphagreen, in under 3 months, was ranking on Google

How you can maximise your organic traffic with SEO






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Learn about the importance of SEO and how you can rank on Google search results

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