Roderick Thackray

Roderick Thackray has more than twenty years experience in the corporate restructuring, operational practise, medical cannabis, property, hotel and private equity sectors. Currently the CEO of Davos Organica, a vertically integrated cannabis company with medical and neutroceutical arms. The medical arm will open the UK first dedicated clinic for pain relief using a THC cannabis product and the nutraceutical arm has multinational FMCG partners as its route to market. Until recently, the Treasurer of The Renew Political Party in London, a centrist party, previously an advisor to the Blair Government. As one of two partners in the Capilon Hotel Group, which acquired 10 hotels in London between 2008 and 2016 and a senior member of the team at Clearbrook Capital, a mid-market private equity manager based in London. He was the Managing Director of the Renoir Group an implementation consultancy with 120 full time staff working in the FTSE 350 space. 


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