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Markus Hoffmann

A lawyer by training, Markus has a background in the private equity sector and has been active in the medical cannabis industry for over 5 years. Most recently he was on the founding team of Jacana, a vertically integrated manufacturer of medical cannabis products. Previously, Markus led the only outside investment in the renowned Dutch manufacturer Bedrocan International by a group of family offices.

At Sky Labs, Markus is focused on building a one stop solution for all the product development, testing and contract research needs of companies wishing to tap into the rapidly growing cannabis market.

Additionally, Sky Labs operates an in-house R&D program, led by Prof. David Meiri, one of the leading minds in cannabinoid science. Sky Labs researches, develops and innovates to deliver novel cannabinoid-based medicines for patients in Asia and across the World.

Markus Picture Pic Photo Photograph B&W.
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