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Hannah Skingle

Hannah’s progression at Dragonfly from Business Development to COO within a year is a testament to her drive. Making her mark early on this blossoming industry, she has played an integral role in growing Dragonfly from the backend over the past three years. She successfully launched the DragonflyCBD brand as the first CBD product into Boots, which had a launch timeline of just 6 weeks, defying the norms of the health and wellness space. In addition, DragonflyCBD was the first CBD product to launch in Tesco and has established DragonflyCBD as a leading brand in the fast-growing complex CBD category. Hannah offers thought leadership at a number of cannabis events such as The Grocer, CBD Summit and Cannabis Europa. 
Hannah was schooled in the world of business, she topped the Management Tripos at King’s College London and holds a Master’s in Management from LSE. During the latter, her final project focused in on innovative industries and how diversity is key to encouraging their development. She’s put her thesis to the test at Dragonfly by building a fresh-faced team in their early 20s.

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